Campfire collective – BIG EARS!

The project “Campfire collective – Big ears!” is an initiative in modern music, put together by an international group of musicians who wish to share their experience in creative collaboration. The initiative is based around a week-long music camp, which will gather musicians of many genres and musical styles, in order to broaden their views and expand their tool kits. Based on their own experience in learning, teaching and collaborating, the mentors will help the camp visitors navigate through possible creative challenges or processes they are facing in their respective fields. The camp will include: cross-genre improvisation jam sessions, co-writing and style exercise sessions, as well as open mic performances and panel discussions.

Where? Arilje.

The Campfire Collective 2021 is happening in collaboration with the ARLEMM festival, taking place in Arilje (western Serbia). ARLEMM is a 2-week classical music camp for string players, pianists and singers. A community that has had a long experience in hosting a musical exchange event, Arilje contributes with a specific atmosphere that is beneficial to the creative process. Open mic nights, as well as jam sessions will be open to ARLEMM participants and the general public.


singer-songwriter and piano player, best known by her bluesy and cross-over style
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singer-songwriter and an acclaimed songwriting educator
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Serbian-born and New York-based singer, songwriter and educator
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Guest lecturers

producer and musician
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VINX (Vinx De’Jon Parette)
singer, songwriter, producer, percussionist, instructor
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July 25th – July 31st 2021


Our goal is to introduce local musicians to new practices in collaboration, promotion and communication; to connect the local scene with a more international market; to help musicians acquire new skills that will empower them to come up with fresh and impactful art. The project outcome will be a communication improvement between musicians in Serbia and the international scene through: improvisation, songwriting and production workshops; experience and business know-how sharing; collaboration. This project will have a permanent impact and open doors for newcomers in various genres of independent music, diversifying and improving the Serbian music scene.

Camp participants

We thank everybody who expressed their interest and applied to participate in “Campfire collective – BIG EARS”. The selection process is completed and it is our pleasure to publish the list of participants:

TAMARA MILOŠEVIĆ – voice, guitar
IVAN JOVANOVIĆ – harmonica
ADRIEN DELABY – guitar, ukulele
IRENA PAREZANOVIĆ – guitar, voice
LUNA ŠKOPELJA – voice, bass, keyboards
PAVLE NIKOLIĆ – voice, guitar, banjo
NATALIJA RAJKOVIĆ – voice, guitar

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